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Frequently Asked Questions

For Visitors

Q: Is there online streaming available?

A: AMWC Japan does not provide online streaming for all congresses.

Q: Is it possible to take photos at the venue?

A: Please refrain from taking photos during the lectures. However, it is possible to take photos with the speakers and photos with the welcome board at the reception after the lectures.

Q: Are there any discounts for attendance?

A: If you apply by September 30th, you can enter any congress venue with a discount of 5000 yen off the regular price.

Q: How many congress venues are there?

A: There are a total of four venues, and purchasing a ticket to the congress allows access to all of the venues.

Q: I am unable to attend due to personal reasons. Can I transfer the ticket to someone else?

A: Doctor tickets and exhibition tickets can be transferred as long as there is a QR code. However, discounted nurse and healthcare professional tickets require ID verification, so they cannot be transferred to others for entry.

Q: How are lunchbox being distributed?

A: We will start the reception at 8:40 am, and we distribute the luncheon seminar tickets in the exhibition area.  You can receive your lunchbox and enter the seminar hall by handing the ticket at the entrance.

Q: In what language are the lectures conducted within the congress?

A: Overseas speakers will deliver their lectures in English, while domestic speakers will speak in Japanese. If you do not understand the language, please use the simultaneous interpretation devices provided at the reception.

Q: What if a VISA is required for entry into Japan?

A: After purchasing the congress ticket, please contact the organizers. We will issue an invitation letter. Since the required documents vary by country, please inquire at the Japanese embassy in your country of residence.

Q: Is there a cloakroom?

A: Yes, there is one at the entrance.

Q: What kind of comedical certificate is required?

A: Any proof that you are a nurse or healthcare professional is acceptable. If you do not have one, please download the prescribed form from the registration page and ask your supervisor to fill it out.

Q: How are tickets for the luncheon seminar distributed?

A: Tickets will be distributed in the exhibition hall at the same time as registration opens at 8:40 a.m. every day. Only one ticket for one person.


Q: Is there a student discount?

A: There is no student discount.


Q: Please tell me about visiting AMWC overseas.

A: Please check each AMWC's WEBSITE.
You cannot register to attend from AMWC Japan.

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