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Why exhibit

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Face to Face



of Products and Services

Seal the Deal

Create lasting relationship with clients

Manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, dealers,
companies and organizations aiming to enter the Japanese market, such as manufacturers, d
istributors, OEMs, dealers, agents, etc,
or companies and organizations aiming to expand and deepen their existing business


Medical aesthetic devices, EBD devices including lasers, dermal fillers and implants, Botox, topical skin care, cosmetics, functional cosmetics, lipolysis devices, slimming devices, body contouring devices, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, biohormonal products, anti-aging therapy, Mesotherapy, PRP Therapy, Carboxytherapy, Healthy Aging Management and Services, Cosmetic Dentistry, etc.


All those interested in contributing to healthcare through cosmetic and anti-aging medicine

Cosmetic dermatologists, plastic surgeons,
anti-aging researchers, gynecologists, endocrinologists,
nutritionists, healthcare professionals, clinics,
salons, and other interested parties

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